What makes a good drink? 
A journey, a crazy idea and the right ingredients.

Returning to his hometown Cortina d‘Ampezzo after a long journey in 1934, Edoardo de Martin developed a crazy idea. He intended to create a drink that embodies Italian joie de vivre and extravagance in a new way using only local ingredients.

The result: The original recipe for Sprizz Bitterorange – an exciting mixture of Italian white wine infused with bittersweet orange and a sophisticated blend of herbs.

What was a regional must-have in Italy back then has become a trendy drink on the other side of the Alps 70 years later – thanks to Edoardo’s grandson Paolo de Martin. As a designer and restaurant owner, he re-interpreted the original recipe and started to market Sprizzerò in a convenient can with a stylish, colorful design.

Thanks to the combination of exceptional taste, Italian design and a perfectly convenient packaging, Paolo has succeeded in creating a trendy lifestyle drink. Ready to drink in its stylish can, it spreads a laid-back party atmosphere on the go or a relaxed summer feeling at a cosy get-together.